About Books Gone Wilde

In a climate where mould will get to books sooner than readers, and where there is no dedicated LGBTI bookstore, Books Gone Wilde is a way for book owners to be book lenders, with the overall aim of enhancing the Darwin LGBTI community.

This is something of an experiment, so how it works may change as time goes on.

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/Booksgonewilde

How it works
Step 1: look at your bookshelf. If you see lots of great LGBTI books that you think others in Darwin would benefit from reading, consider lending them to Books Gone Wilde for a few months. If you look at your bookshelf and see not a lot, consider borrowing from Books Gone Wilde.

Step 2: visit Nightcliff markets on the first Sunday of any month between 9-1pm, sign up for a membership of $2, lend or borrow books.

More information about events can be found at www.outnt.info

more details for the details people
Membership allows lending and borrowing of books, $2 annual membership (pay in person). Book owners lend their books to Books Gone Wilde, borrowers can borrow two books at a time, and must return after a month. The membership fees pay for the cost of running Books Gone Wilde. Volunteers run the stall on the first Sunday of every month, in the morning, books are borrowed and returned at this time.

The borrowing system is an honour system, so if the book is not returned, the borrower will be asked to replace it. Your book may not come back in the condition you lent it, but it will have been read rather than collecting dust, and borrowers will be asked to take care of the book.

Visit the stall, sign up, lend or borrow books, return them next month. Your book will be added to this website so borrowers know what is in circulation. If you want it back permanently, it will be removed from the website.

What kind of books
This is mainly for LGBTI books that are not readily available in Darwin. This can be pretty broad, however just because you identify as LGBTI and own the book, does not necessarily make it suitable for Books Gone Wilde. It does not intend to replace you buying actual books from places around Darwin, or using the local library. If you want to buy books Hares and Hyenas (based in Melbourne) has an excellent catalogue and website where you can order books online.